Lock Out Services

The Best Car Lock Out Services in San Diego

Have you ever been locked out of your car? If you have never then you are very lucky, but if you have, then you know this is the worst thing you can never wish for your enemy. But we are the movers and shakers in roadside assistance and we offer the best lock outs services. What makes us stand out? Here is all you need to know.

We have years of experience in providing roadside assistance to customers who are stranded. One of the most common reasons people get into a car lockout is locking their keys in the car. There are factors that determine how difficult it will be for your to unlock your vehicle. One of them is the make and model of your car. We have the skills to unlock any model and make.

We specialize in different styles of keys including the following:

u2022 Standard-similar to any key you might have
u2022 Transponder-has a sensor.
u2022 Laser cut-has a pattern
u2022 Switchblade-this is a keyless entry.
u2022 Smart Proximity-this is a push-button start, it locks and unlocks doors automatically.

Regardless of the type of the car you drive, we have the experts to help you open the doors once again. If your keys are within the cabin of your vehicle, we can unlock one of the car doors and retrieve. We make use of the most sophisticated tools on the market to unlock quickly, without breaking any component.

If the keys are locked in the trunk, you need to understand that we will not attempt to unlock a trunk because this is a different system altogether. We employ extra care considering the trunk is on a different system. If tempered with, it can trigger the security system of your car and completely lock down. But we have experts and we simply offer the best services.