Abandoned Car Recovery

Abandoned Car Recovery Towing Services

In San Diego County, Roadway Towing is an excellent partner in offering you affordable towing services and best 24/7 roadside assistance. We ensure that you get fantastic towing services from our professional and trained operators. We are located in many parts of San Diego County such as Del Mar, San Marcos, Vista and so forth. Our primary focus is on your safety in dealing with abandoned vehicle recovery towing services.

Abandoned cars can be harmful to your safety and the environment. At Roadway Towing, we coordinate with local authorities to carefully remove abandoned vehicles. In San Diego County, it is an offense to park a car and leave it inoperable for 72 hours without driving it at least a tenth mile. It is also not legal to park a vehicle in a private or public property without authorization.

Sometimes, vehicles get parked in public spaces for more than 30 days, and still, nobody has claimed. Sometimes someone parks his/her in your business premise without your authorization. This will limit space and exposure for your customers. We have experience in this work and wherever there is a need, and we are always ready for the task.

Sometimes you own parking space, and you experience many challenges with abandoned cars. We offer patrol services for your private properties to ensure that all the guidelines are followed. We impound vehicles that are illegally parked. What you need is to select the criteria, and we offer exceptional services as we take care of your safety.

We have an excellent winching truck that can pull these abandoned vehicles out of an awkward situation. At our company, we guarantee safety for our clients and professional drivers. Our drivers are trained, and many of them are former tow truck operators. Additionally, we expose our staff with regular training. The training guideline mainly revolves around knowing the rules of the tow truck winching work, online and in-house training and frequent testing of skills and abilities.

We remove abandoned vehicles from strip malls, restaurants, mobile home parks, apartments, shopping centers and many more. Wherever there is work to remove the abandoned car; our team is ready to provide 24/7 emergency towing services. We are capable, reliable, trusted and present seven days a week for the job.